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Do I have to pay to join RedLuckia?
No, the Luckia Partners' Programme is totally free. We simply ask you to fill in the registration form and we'll send you an email if we approve your request. Once approved, you'll have access to the Luckia Network System with all the facilities that we'll provide to attract players.

Am I earning commissions for all Luckia products?
Yes, you are! All the games on the Luckia.es website, bets, sweepstakes, bingo and casino accumulate commissions for your RedLuckia partner account.

How long do I have to wait for my application to be approved?
After you've registered, we'll respond by email as quickly as possible. This is normally in less than 7 days.

When can I get paid?
The commissions that you create in RedLuckia will be paid out monthly. As long as they are higher than EUR 100, you can send us the corresponding invoice.

Is there a minimum that I have to earn?
You have to earn EUR 100 before a payment will be made. But don't worry if your commissions are less than EUR 100, as they'll be transferred the following month.

Do you offer XML feeds?
Yes, we do. If you need them, please write to partners@redluckia.com and we'll let you know our fees.

Do I get statistics in real time?
Almost. Our data servers are updated once a day first thing in the morning, so you'll see real-time data up to 6.00-6.30 in the morning (CET).

What happens when my players have a negative income?
If you have a negative income, it means that the players you have added to the RedLuckia system win more than they lose. In this case, you wouldn't receive commissions that month.

Are negative balances carried over to the following month?
Luckia will never carry over negative balances to the following month, so if you were negative in one month, your commissions would always start at zero in the following month.

Which cookies are used?
The cookie used at the time of registration is the one and only cookie, as we believe that it ended up convincing the player to sign up to Luckia.es.

Can I update my account or contact details?
Of course, but you have to be identified in the system to be able to update your account details.

What if I have more than one website?
You can add as many websites as you wish to your RedLuckia account. What's more, you can create different trackers for each of your websites, so you'll have full control over registered users and income stats for each of your websites.